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Our Team

LaserPlan + professionals

Geom. Mario Maffeis

Surveyor topographer


Surveyor Figaroli Lorenzo

Surveyor topographer

SAPR operator



Geom. Paganessi Beatrice

Software designer and technician

LaserPlan +


LaserPlan + is a group of competent freelancers who have been involved in the survey sector for years on a varied scale of projects. Through discussion and criticism, the most appropriate solutions are followed to satisfy the needs of customers. Dynamism and versatility in solving problems, speed of execution and restitution, are the pillars on which our decades-long reality is based.

The smile and positivity that accompanies us, makes us live our work with serenity and passion, characterizing our way of being and approaching customers.

A company aimed at the future

An avant-garde vision is the driving force that pushes corporate intentions to make choices aimed at growth. We observe with curiosity what is once again facing the world of topography to constantly experiment with new solutions with advanced technologies.

The synergy between our collaborators allows us to never lose sight of the objectives and to be able to achieve them with extreme concreteness.

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